ARCO LTD, General Ship & Industrial Works, Greece

ARCO Ltd established in 2008 and its registered office is in Perama, Greece. Its executives have an experience of over 30 years in the industry, which makes the company one of the most reliable companies in the field.

ARCO’s main objects are general ship studies, new building and repairing projects, ship conventions and difficult industrial constructions. In general, the main services are steel & piping works, specified in treatment of various metal types such as aluminum, stainless steel etc. It is also undertakes great and complicated projects, ‘‘Turn key’’ and ‘‘all included works’’ such as accommodation works (interior design and constructions), outfitting, mechanical/electrical works, hull treatment (hydro/sand blasting, cleaning, painting) etc. for all types of ships and structures.

During its operation, the ARCO has undertaken and completed significantly large projects and has created a strong & long-term relationship with all domestic and internationally clients.

ARCO Services covers the below:

  • New building & Conversions
  • Steel Work Services
  • Pipe Work Services
  • Welding Work Services
  • Machinery Works
  • Accommodation Works
  • Dry-docking Services
  • General Services