HSE Policy

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Total Maritime Services understands and accept its responsibilities to provide a safe working environment to all personnel on all work sites. TMS at all times will aim to protect and conserve the environment and operate with minimal practical environmental impact to sustain future production and development. 

The TMS HSE policy is to manage all of our activities through a strategic Health, Safety and Environmental plan, founded on management commitment and accountability, safety and environmental standards, appropriate levels of training, a just system of dealing with issues, and a system of performance measurement.

The managers support this policy with the belief that injuries are preventable, the environment can be protected, and damage or loss to property or equipment can be prevented. All personnel, on basis of contract will be considered as to expectation of the client. The performance of the services will be monitored regularly to confirm to the standards set by the client.

To achieve:

  • Each manager, supervisor, and member of the workforce is responsible for meeting our HSE standards and will be held accountable for their individual performance, and the performance of those working under their supervision.
  • We shall comply with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the country of operation.
  • We shall treat HSE aspects of any work activity with equal priority to commercial, production, and quality aspects.
  • We shall support the identification of risks and assessment of hazards in work activities.
  • We shall encourage the reporting of unsafe acts and conditions and the actions to improve performance.
  • We shall provide adequate resources and training to ensure work is carried out safely and professionally.
  • We shall investigate all events where injuries, damage to property or the environment has occurred and ensure that corrective actions are undertaken and are communicated in a timely manner.
  • We shall comply with Quality standards as its single pride of the company which cannot be compromised, all preparations, training and exercises are conducted for the sole purpose of putting up service that highly competitive.

All members of the Total Maritime Services organisation have an obligation to fully comply with this policy, and is so doing, we believe we will create a working environment where we continuously improve HSE performance and where harm is reduced to an As Low As Reasonably Practical level.